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100 Years Of Caring

On January 25th 2017 a very important celebration took place at Holy Cross hospital, Haslemere. It was a day which commemorated the founding of the hospital in 1917. Holy Cross opened as a TB sanatorium, many of the patients having come from St Catherine’s sanatorium in Ramsgate which had been quite badly bombed. Excellent care and treatment were provided for a good many years. With advanced knowledge and treatment, the incidence of TB lessened. Many sanatoria closed due to lack of need and demand. However it was realised that there were other needs, and Holy Cross became a general hospital with an operating theatre added on. Later they specialised in dental surgery. In the 1960’s they began to receive postoperative neurosurgical patients which evolved into the care and treatment of neurological patients. Eventually the old hospital was pulled down and a new one was opened in 1992.

Thanks to the dedicated staff who work in the hospital, and the volunteers, much is being done to provide excellent treatment and care. All of this is in the spirit of our foundress Blessed Marie Therese who was always ready to go where there was a need.

Congratulations to all in Holy Cross hospital.

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