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Who are the Associates of the Daughters of the Cross?

Associates of the Daughters of the Cross are men and women who are invited to live their call to holiness by journeying with the Daughters of the Cross and Blessed Marie Thérèse in the footsteps of Christ. Associates can be found in Jarrow, Dublin, Much Hadham, North Cheam, California, Belgium, India and Pakistan. Currently there are about 60 Associates attached to the English Province.

“ We joined the Associates to share in the spirituality and mission of the Daughters of the Cross…. It’s helped us to understand better our spiritual role in this life and how to apply our gifts on a daily basis. As members we’ve come to know God better, to love him more, and to recognise him in the weak and most suffering.”
— The Californian Associates

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St Elizabeth's

- St Elizabeth's -


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Cheam & Carshalton

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