~ A compassionate heartbeat in the world ~

Tracy, California

Ministry Of Caring

Valentine lunchMinistry to Seniors, the sick the dying and the Homebound is a much needed ministry in Tracy, California. The heart of this ministry is COMPASSION – and PRESENCE! This fits in so well with what we are called to be as Daughters of the Cross.

Ministry in hospitalsA large number of volunteers from St. Bernard’s parish are involved with this Ministry. Sr. Marlene coordinates the Ministry, trains volunteers and provides regular support and input sessions. The Ministry is provided to three language groups – English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Sr Mary Lancaster has now retired to Haslemere, and Sr Bernadette to Stillorgan. Sr Ann Venita continues her ministry in St Anthony’s parish, Manteca. Her main ministry being to support the seniors in the parish by providing social events and pastoral visits as well as visiting the sick and the  house bound. Sr Ann and her team also provide social activities for those with a learning disability. Sr Cecelia provides valuable input and support within the parish community. In June, Srs Anne Venita, Marlene Jude and Cecelia will return to England to support ministries in Cheam, Haslemere and Stillorgan, Ireland.