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Our Cross

The Cross - Our Inspiration

To experience for themselves
And to manifest to others
God's tender love,
the Daughters of the Cross contemplate Jesus,
the humble servant of redemptive love,
betrayed by one of his disciples,
denied by another,
abandoned by all of them,
handed over to his enemies,
scourged, crowned with thorns,
toiling through the streets of Jerusalem,
bearing his Cross.
They will contemplate him on Calvary
In the company of Mary, his Mother,
St. John and St. Mary Magdalene,
so as to understand the language of the Cross,
which is folly to those who do not believe
but to us,
is seen as God's power to save.

— Constitutions Article 2


Cross & CrownThe Vision Of The Cross

Shortly before the ceremony that was to inaugurate the new Congregation, Jeanne and a companion saw a large black cross surmounted by a white crown, clearly outlined in the summer sky over the courtyard between the Carmelite convent and the school. She understood its wordless message and took it as the emblem of her Congregation.

Ever since, the  Daughters of the Cross have worn this simple cross surmounted by a crown. For many years this was fashioned from ebony and ivory but in more recent times it has been made of silvered metal. Sisters who have made final profession also have a miniature of the cross engraved on the ring which they wear.

Why The Title “Daughters Of The Cross”?

The title that Blessed Marie Thérèse gave to her Congregation is significant. She had thought about it for a long time and from the contemplation of the passion and compassion of the Crucified Christ she learnt a tender, generous love which led her to follow Him to the end, faithful to the Holy Spirit and alert to His call. It summed up all she understood of the dual ideal of sacrifice and service which is at the very heart of Christianity. Our Lord also reminded her that there was another dimension to devotion to his Cross - it was a pledge of victory over death. By it Jesus had brought about our Redemption. Its meaning is more apparent in the French, “Filles de la Croix” for it means “servants” as well as “daughters”.