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Accustom yourself to live in the presence of God - image of candle in cupped hands To bear the Cross with love is the sign of a great soul - image of dark cross on a golden background If you really seek perfection, let yourself be guided by the Holy Spirit - image of shafts of light falling on a path in the forest To be recollected in God is an unspeakable joy - image of girl praying with hands clasped and necklace with cross The Daughters of the Cross never separate the love of God from the love of people - image of two people holding hands, one elderly and one younger

Who are the Daughters of the Cross?

“The Daughters of the Cross
Will never separate the love of God
From the love of people”
— Constitutions Article 5
“The Daughters of the Cross form an institute of apostolic life
which has as its aim
to understand and to proclaim to others
that the love of God
has been revealed to us in the most striking way
in the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus.
Their response to this love
is to glorify and honour Christ
by loving and serving him,
above all in his weakest and most suffering members”
— Constitutions Article 1